Simplicity® Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System

There it is, your pride and joy. The lawn that turns heads and inspires envy. With a little time, effort, and a great cutting Simplicity® mower, you can create a masterpiece. But for that Simplicity to really work its magic, it needs something else: sharp mower blades. Sharp mower blades slice grass cleanly, leaving a smooth green edge. Dull blades tear the grass, leaving a ragged brown edge that is as unsightly as it is unhealthy for your lawn. That's why many Simplicity tractors make it easy to change and sharpen mower blades with quick and easy mower deck removal. It's called the Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System.

This exclusive system lets you quickly remove your mower deck with no tools, so you or your mower dealer can easily keep your blades razor sharp for a beautiful lawn. You’ll have full access to the underside of the deck for routine cleaning and maintenance. Plus, the Quick Hitch™ systems allows you to remove the mower deck when using attachments or fitting your tractor through tight spaces. The Quick Hitch™ deck removal system, one more premium feature you've come to expect from Simplicity.

Learn how to use the Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System for deep profile decks and fabricated decks or find out more about our lawn tractors and zero turn mowers.


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