The secret to lawn striping is in the mowing deck. Featuring full-width rollers, our Free Floating™ Mower Deck moves independently from the rest of the mower, following the contours of your lawn which significantly reduces the risk of scalping your lawn. While other manufacturers will attach directly to the frame, Simplicity® goes the extra mile to deliver the best cut possible. Plus, our fabricated mowing decks have a lifetime warranty*.

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    Beautiful Lawn Striping

    When the Simplicity rear rollers pass over the freshly cut blades of grass, they bend them forward slightly, and when the sunlight reflects off of the bent grass, something magical happens. The grass in rows angled toward you appears darker and the grass angled away from you appears lighter.

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    The Best Cut on the Block

    No more scalping and uneven cutting. Simplicity mower decks move independently from the lawn tractor for a vastly superior cut, riding on top of full-width rear rollers that are constantly moving up and down. This allows the blades to maintain the precise cutting height selected by the operator.

Products Featuring Free Floating™ Mower Deck: