Removing Your Fabricated Mower Deck With Simplicity's® Quick Hitch™

In just a few easy steps, the Quick Hitch™ Deck Removal System allows you to remove your tractor’s fabricated mower deck with ease. This quick and easy DIY video will show you just how easy it is to remove our heavier fabricated mower decks for cleaning, blade sharpening or service.

How to Remove your Fabricated Mower Deck with the Simplicity Quick Hitch™ System:

1. Turn the wheels completely to the left while the engine is still running if your model has power steering.

2. Apply the parking brake

3. Stop the engine and remove the key

4. Lower the attachment lift

5. Disconnect the lift assist springs and lift links on each side of the deck

6. Move the idler arm to release the belt tension

7. Remove the belt from the PTO pulley

8. Raise the attachment lift

9. Disconnect the electrical connector for the electric height of cut motor if your model has one

10. Pull back on the Quick Hitch™ removal level and lift the mower hitch off the bracket

11. Slide the mower out from under the tractor

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