Simplicity® Two-Stage Snow Blower Key Features

  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton® Snow Series and PXi Series™ engines with electric start means, quick, no hassle starting for your snow blower - every time.
  • Electric chute and control pod easily adjusts the chute rotation and deflector to provide pin-point accuracy with a simple push of a button (select models).
  • Various auger intake heights and clearing widths to ensure there is a model to match your driveway size and snowfall amount.
  • Cast-iron auger gear cases for added durability (Heavy-Duty and Signature Pro models).
  • Exclusive to Signature and Signature Pro models, Velocity™ Throwing System quickly clears heavy snow and throws it 40% farther¹, making snow removal easier and faster.
¹Time, capacity and snow throwing ability can be greatly affected by conditions (model 2132 compared to model H1730E and model P2132 compared to P2132E).