Tips on How Lawn Striping Works

The art of lawn striping. There is no mistaking the lawn of a Simplicity Tractor owner. They have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.

Unlike other riding mowers with their frame hung mower decks, Simplicity's Free Floating™ Mower Deck is mounted on a pivoting front axle so it can respond to the lawn independently from the frame, plus the deck rides on full-width lawn striping rollers, that precisely match the contours of your lawn. So as the pivoting axle and the rollers move, so does the mower deck, side to side and front to back, for a perfect cut with no scalping or unevenness. Simply put, this patented system gives you the best cut you can get, and it also can give you something else, beautiful lawn striping patterns.

When the Simplicity rear rollers pass over the freshly cut blades of grass, they bend them forward slightly, and when the sunlight reflects off of the bent grass, something magical happens. The grass in rows angled toward you appears darker and the grass angled away from you appears lighter in color. You now have grass stripes and they look great.

A striped lawn is a sure sign of a proud homeowner, someone who wants their lawn to look its very best. And that someone probably owns a Simplicity® Garden Tractor. So whether they have simple, alternating stripes, dramatic geometry like at major league ballparks, or just that perfect cut that only a Simplicity can give, Simplicity lawns are the envy of the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in learning more about lawn striping, be sure to check our lawn striping techniques like the diamondwavearchcheckerboard or the bullseye grass pattern. And be sure to check out Simplicity's exclusive line of riding mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, with pivoting Free Floating™ Mower Decks and full-width rollers because Simplicity is the way to a beautiful lawn.


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