Lawn Striping: How to Create a Wave Grass Pattern

For lawn striping enthusiasts, here is a popular grass pattern that’s fun and easy if you have a Simplicity® tractor. It’s called the Wave.

To create a wave grass pattern with lawn stripes:

  1. Start by mowing a straight line down the center of your lawn.
  2. Then, mow your first wiggly line, using the straight line as a guide.
  3. Be sure not to make the curved lawn stripes too close together, or they’ll be hard to duplicate as you mow further out.
  4. When you come back alongside the first line, you’ll erase any trace of the straight line you made when you first started. Don’t worry if your later lawn stripes don’t match your previous ones perfectly – people will think it’s just part of your design!
  5. Finish with a clean-up pass that hides your turn marks and neatly frames your lawn striping design.
  6. Then stand back, and wait for your neighbors’ compliments!

Remember, Simplicity’s pivoting, Free Floating™ mower decks with full-width rollers not only make beautiful lawn stripes and grass patterns, they always give a beautiful cut too.

If you don’t have a Simplicity tractor yet, check out the line of available lawn tractors, and talk to your local Simplicity dealer. Get on track to having a master mowing machine and beautiful lawn stripes of your own today! Be sure to also check out our other lawn striping how-to articles and lawn striping videos.


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