Lawn Striping by Simplicity: How to Create a Diamond Pattern

Looking to increase curb appeal by having a striped lawn? It’s easy to learn lawn striping techniques – no need to hire professional help! All you need is a Simplicity mower and our helpful videos. Creating this diamond grass pattern for your lawn on your Simplicity is a bit more advanced, but it’s worth it.


Follow these eight easy steps as outlined in the lawn striping video to get an eye-catching diamond grass pattern:

  1. Start by mowing the longest diagonal center stripe, then make a pass back next to it.
  2. Now, drive around the edge of your yard and mow a second stripe in the same direction – that will give you one light stripe with two dark stripes next to it.
  3. Continue this pattern – one out and two back – until you reach the corner of your lawn. Then, do the other side the same way.
  4. Start by going over your first lawn diagonal stripe in the same direction so that the grass pattern will be balanced.
  5. Continue alternating one out, and two back, to the other corner of the lawn. The lawn is now completely cut.
  6. To make the crossing stripes, make another long diagonal pass between the other two corners of the lawn, and make the return cut right next to it like you did before.
  7. Then, continue the pattern – one stripe out, two stripes back – until you reach the other corner.
  8. Do the same for the other half of the lawn striping project. Finally, do a clean-up pass all around the pattern to smooth out any turn areas, and frame it in.

Remember, only Simplicity has pivoting, free-floating mower decks with full-width rollers that can make beautiful grass patterns and give you a beautiful cut – because Simplicity is the way to a beautiful lawn.

Find more lawn striping videos to learn more grass patterns, like the arch lawn stripes, the checker board grass pattern or bullseye design.

If you don’t have a Simplicity lawn tractor or riding mower yet, find a Simplicity dealer, and check out our latest retail promotions to make your dream of owning a Simplicity a reality.


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