Lawn Striping How to Guide From Simplicity® Mowers & Tractors

There’s no mistaking the lawn of a Simplicity mower owner! Simplicity tractors are equipped with exclusive Free Floating™ Mower Decks to create lawn striping effects and achieve the perfect cut every time.

What Is Lawn Striping?

Lawn striping is what makes baseball stadiums and the landscaping features of golf fairways really pop. Striping your lawn is done by the full-width rear rollers on the mower deck laying the grass blades down in the direction the mower is traveling. Striping combined with overlapping cuts gives the appearance of intersecting dark and light green stripes, circles, and more.

How Do I Create Lawn Stripes?

Make a first pass of your lawn using consistent speed and ensuring your lines are straight. Lawn stripes will be relative to this first once-over, so make sure it’s straight, even, and unswerving! For perfect stripes, you want to overlap each previous pass by six inches or less, maximizing the rear rollers’ ability to push down the in the direction you are traveling, to create the illusion of stripes in the lawn.


Unlike other mowers with frame-hung decks, a Simplicity mower has a free-floating™ mower deck mounted to the tractor frame on a pivoting front axle. Simplicity tractors are more responsive to the contours of your lawn and give you a cut that will be the envy of the neighborhood.


Longer grasses with finer leaf blades will better respond to lawn striping techniques and lay flatter. Check out Briggs & Stratton’s resources on planting the best grass for your region.

Do you want to learn about different kinds of lawn striping patterns? View how-to lawn striping videos to create The Diamond, Arches, The Bulls Eye, The Checkerboard, and The Wave.