Minimize your time and effort shoveling snow in the blistering cold by letting a Simplicity® Snowblower plow through your snow removal woes. Simplicity snow blowers, also known as snow throwers, tackle the wettest snow and tallest drift. Simplicity offers this buying guide to help you choose the best snow blower with a variety of options suited to handle any job, of any size!

Single-stage snow blowers or two-stage snow blowers from Simplicity provide the easy-to-operate machinery with expert precision. There are the two different types of snow throwers offered by Simplicity and both will help you handle snow removal like a pro.


The compact single-stage snow blower is the smallest, most affordable option for homeowners with a smaller driveway who live in areas with light snowfall. These snow blowers are equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Snow Series™ Engine, push button electric start and an auger-propelled drive system, which makes the snow thrower reliable and easy –to-use. As the single-stage snow thrower is propelled forward the auger clears cleanly down to the ground.

On-the-go chute rotation and quick-adjust deflector ensure a smooth, stop-free job. These features provide the power needed to handle sidewalks and driveways with ease. The compact design is the best choice if you have limited storage space, a small to medium driveway and light to medium snowfall.

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Simplicity offers a variety of two-stage snow blowers for those facing heavy-duty snow and winter’s most substantial storm. All two-stage, or dual-stage, snow blowers feature the Briggs & Stratton Snow Series™ Engine and dual trigger steering to combine ease-of-use with thesnow removal robustness of a professional -grade snow thrower. Two-stage snow blowers will not clean down to the ground like a single-stage snow blower, however this makes two-stage snow blowers an ideal choice for those with gravel driveways. In addition, Simplicity two-stage snow blowers remove snow at a faster rate than single-stage snow blowers and are built to handle frequent use in heavy snowfall conditions.

Two-Stage Snow Blower: Medium-Duty Model

The medium-duty dual-stage snow thrower features a notched steel auger with a 12-inch impeller, convenient controls and throws snow up to 40 feet*. This model is perfect for those seeking more power from a small, affordable snow blower.

Two-Stage Snow Blower: Heavy-Duty Model

The heavy-duty dual-stage snow blowers are built to handle wet, heavy snow and large areas. This model also allows you to operate it with only one hand, turn easily with the dual trigger controls that power wheels separately, and rotate the chute 200-degrees left to right, as well as up and down by pressing a button.

Two-Stage Snow Blower: Pro Model

The Signature Pro professional-duty dual-stage is the largest, most powerful snow blower Simplicity offers. With a clearing width of up to 38-inches, this model will power through packed snow, ice and towering snow drifts like a professional.

Designed to handle the toughest conditions, the Signature Pro series two-stage snow blower is built to start at temperatures as low as –20º F, features one-handed operation, has easy turning technology and power boost to automatically detect depth and density of even the heaviest snow.

Choosing the best snow blower from Simplicity is easy when each option guarantees power, reliability and a professional snow removal finish.

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*Throwing distance affected by conditions.