Time-saving Lawn Care Tips for Your Big Backyard

Simplicity Lawn Care Tips

When you’ve got a big yard, lawn care for feel like an overwhelming chore. Having the right lawn mower or tractor, attachments and outdoor power products can help you tackle yard work in a fraction of the time. 

A riding mower, tractor or zero turn is recommended for yards over ½ acre. Simplicity tractors are designed for ease-of-use and durability, while zero turn mowers are great for maneuvering around trees and landscaping.  If you’re a proud owner of a Simplicity® lawn tractor or zero turn mower, one of the reasons you purchased it was likely because it helps you take care of mowing quickly and easily in your large backyard.

Did you know that the variety of available tractor attachments can make your yard work even easier? Whether you’re planting grass seed in the spring or clearing up leaves in the fall, Simplicity’s variety of tractor attachments, other outdoor power equipment and lawn care resources can save you valuable time.

Check out our helpful lawn care tips to get the most out of your Simplicity mower no matter the season and conquer your big backyard!

Tractor Attachments and Outdoor Power Equipment

The variety of available tractor attachments helps you accomplish your lawn care tasks quickly and with ease. Simplicity multi-purpose tractor attachments include useful items such as a dump cart, utility bucket, and more, which can save you valuable time when you’re zipping  going from one end of your big backyard to the other on your lawn tractor. Carry tools, potted plants, bags of seed and fertilizer, and whatever else you need with ease!

For spring yard work, ground-engaging tractor attachments such as the aerator, tiller, and back hoe can help you aerate your ground and plant new seed in no time. Our variety of grass catcher and collection system tractor attachments are also very useful depending on what kind of lawn care you are doing. Don’t waste your time bagging grass clippings or raking leaves in the fall. The mulching and leaf shredder kit makes light work of a heavy blanket of leaves in the fall, while the bagger and catcher opens options help you clean up leaves quickly.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Saves Time

It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t maintain your zero turn mower, lawn tractor, or other Simplicity mower, you could run into a whole host of issues when it comes time to do your yard work. Maintaining your mower helps saves time in the long run, because your machine will be in good operating condition and you won’t have to waste time on costly repairs where your mower could be out of commission for longer periods of time.

Your local Simplicity dealer will be able to assist you with any maintenance issues, including ordering replacement parts. Plus, they will be able to answer any questions you may have about the variety of Simplicity tractor attachments and how they can help you with your lawn car.

Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Simplicity offers a variety of online resources to supplement our mower offerings. Check our lawn care article “How to Grow Healthy, Green Grass” for in-depth guide to growing the greenest, healthiest grass on the block.

Once your grass is growing and ready for mowing, check out our variety of lawn striping resources to turn your big backyard into a space mimicking your favorite baseball field, with diamond patterns, bulls-eyes, waves and more!

Between Simplicity’s online resources, knowledgeable local dealers, and premium mowers and tractor attachments, lawn care in a big backyard has never been easier!