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Engine Won't Start

Many engine performance problems can be linked to maintenance issues such as stale fuel, dirty air filter, fouled spark plug, and deteriorated oil. Below are some common problems that can prevent an engine from starting. Basic maintenance specifications related to these issues are available in your Operator's Manual. If the below troubleshooting suggestions do not get your equipment up and running, we recommend consulting with a local Simplicity Dealer.

Fuel Problems

Is the fuel fresh?
If the fuel is over 30 days old, replace with fresh, treated fuel.

Is the fuel tank empty?
Fill the fuel tank; if the engine is still hot, wait until it has cooled before filling the tank.

Is the shut-off valve closed?
Open the fuel shut-off valve

Is the fuel diluted with water?
Empty the tank, replace the fuel, and check for leaks in the fuel tank cap.

Is the fuel tank cap clogged or un-vented?
Make sure the cap is vented and that air holes are not clogged.

Ignition Problems

Is the spark plug fouled?
Remove the spark plug; clean the contact or replace the plug.

Is the spark plug lead faulty?
Test the lead with a spark tester, then test the engine.

Is the kill switch shorted?
Repair or replace the kill switch.

Is the flywheel key damaged? Did the engine stop suddenly after striking an object?
If the engine stopped abruptly (after the blade striking an object for example) the flywheel key may be sheared. The examination, diagnosis, and correction of this condition is usually best performed by a local Simplicity Dealer.

Compression Problems

Are the valves, piston, cylinder, or connecting rod damaged?
In order to determine if there is a compression problem, a compression test usually needs to be performed. If the test indicates poor compression, the valves, piston, and cylinder need to be physically inspected for damage. The examination, diagnosis, and correction of this condition is usually best performed by a local Simplicity Dealer.

Please read and abide by any applicable Safety Information contained in your Operator's Manual. The material provided above is not intended to replace work performed by an Authorized Simplicity Dealer. Terms and Conditions apply to all of the information presented on this website. Always be sure to completely read and understand your Operator's Manual.

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