Gary Bach Manicures His Lawn With a Simplicity Conquest

The Simplicity Conquest yard tractor is a premium mowing machine that makes yard work a breeze. But why take our word for it? Check out our customer testimonial video from Simplicity owner Gary Bach, of Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

As Gary says, “Simplicity is shown to be the best, not only in comfort but quality. I chose to use the word ‘manicure’ versus ‘cutting grass’ – I think ‘manicure’ is more of a top-line description as to what I would like to think that I do to lawns. I don’t believe there’s any other lawn mower on the market out there that can manicure a yard like Simplicity. The Simplicity provides peace of mind because it’s a very durable machine, and if anybody’s hard on a lawn mower it’s me. I’ve definitely put the Simplicity I own to the test and it’s held up to its name.

I would recommend that when you purchase your Simplicity that you check with your local Simplicity dealer – they’re gonna be the ones that will have all the information, they’re gonna provide all the expertise, they’re gonna tell you why their product is the best. That’s what exactly sold me on buying a Simplicity.

When I get on my Simplicity it’s almost like a new toy that I just purchased. I enjoy it, it’s relaxing, I look it as a tad bit of entertainment – it’s the best piece of equipment I’ve purchased. I believe Simplicity is the number one tractor out there. Life is much better on a Simplicity.”

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