Which Tractor Is Right for You? Simplicity Yard, Garden or Lawn Tractors

Thinking about getting a tractor to make mowing the lawn a breeze? This quick guide will help you figure out if a tractor is the right choice for your lawn and which type of yard, garden or lawn tractor you should choose.

A lawn tractor is a great yard care option when you’re dealing with a large yard size, typically about an acre of grass or more. Compared to zero turn and riding mowers, most tractors can be as simple to operate as a car with foot pedal control. There are usually many different cutting width and height options to fit various yard conditions and landscaping obstacles. In addition, there is an array of tractor attachments available to take on more yard chores, than just mowing.

Since you’ll spend so much time on your tractor over its lifetime, it’s important to consider yard size, grass terrain and the types of mower attachments for all of your lawn care and snow removal needs. The best lawn, yard or garden tractor is able to keep the grass short, snow cleared and more!

Lawn Tractors - Maneuverable Tractor

Lawn tractors are great for accomplishing a nicely manicured lawn and offer some versatility with grass collection systems, dump carts for hauling and snow blowing attachments.

The Regent™ Lawn Tractor from Simplicity handles yard work with ease and sleek durability using a 12-gauge cast-iron chassis and a 42” mower deck. The tractor houses a 20 gross horse power* Briggs & Stratton v-twin engine, powerful enough to support tractor attachments like a grass catcher, dump cart or mulcher kit. The Regent doesn't stop there; plow your way through winter with a single stage snow blower attachment.

The Broadmoor™ Lawn Tractor is the most versatile lawn tractor Simplicity has to offer. With the option of a 44”, 50”, 52” Free Floating™ mower deck, it is perfect for lawn striping. The 22, 26 or 27 gross horse power* Briggs & Stratton v-twin engine options power the Broadmoor™ through yard work of all kinds. Easy-to-use  operator controls are conveniently located on the dash and an ergonomic mesh seat allow for optimal operator comfort. The Broadmoor™ also offers  Automatic Controlled Traction™, this feature utilizes drive power being continuously supplied to both rear tires maintaining superior traction and lessening turf damage. Select Broadmoor™ models now feature an exclusive rear suspension system which reduces the impact  felt at faster speeds.

Garden & Yard Tractors – Compact Power With Heavy Duty Attachments

Garden and Yard tractors are heavier machines with the capability to handle ground engaging attachments, such as a plow or pull-behind garden tiller. In addition, these durable tractors have optional enhanced performance features such as: power steering, Automatic Controlled Traction™ and four-wheel drive.

The Prestige™ Garden Tractor and Conquest™ Yard Tractor are a part of Simplicity’s premium line-up. Chose from multiple Free Floating™ mower deck options ranging from 44”-54” and powerful engines ranging from 23 to 30 gross horse power* Briggs & Stratton engines. In addition, The Conquest™ and Prestige™ models offer Tuff Torq® high-speed transmissions that help to get mowing done faster. Operator comfort and ease-of use is one focus of the Prestige™ and Conquest™ models; featuring rear and front suspension, an  intuitive dash system, which includes push button starting and a deluxe instrument panel complete with fuel gauge, “best cut” range indicator and maintenance reminders. Enhance your mowing and yard chores with powerful performance features like: Automatic Controlled Traction™, power steering and four-wheel drive. Create beautiful gardens with the tiller attachment , move heavy winter snow with the  snow blower attachment. Get an added boost when using attachments with the dash-mounted hydraulic attachment lift on the Prestige™ and spring-assisted attachment list on the Conquest™. Whichever model you choose, the Prestige™ or Conquest™ will deliver exceptional cutting and tractor attachment performance.

Lawn tractors, yard tractors and garden tractors easily mow the grass around garden beds and offer various yard work benefits with the use of attachments. Having read through the different options of the buying guide, keep all the possible uses and value of each tractor and available attachments in mind. Attachments allow you to utilize your tractor of choice all-year around. From collecting grass in a grass catcher during summer, or tilling your garden in the spring, to removing snow from your driveway in the winter.  

Talk to a Simplicity Dealer in your area to find the best lawn tractor, yard tractor or garden tractor for your lawn care needs!

*All power levels are stated gross horsepower at 3600 rpm per SAE J1940