Tractor Attachments Guide for Spring Lawn Care

The approach of spring means it’s time to start thinking about getting your lawn and garden in shape. Although it may be sad to say goodbye to your Simplicity® snow blower  until next season, bringing out your lawn tractor and other gardening tools is a great way to welcome the warmer weather!

But you may not have a lawn tractor, you may have a riding mower, a garden tractor, or even a yard tractor! Different machines are better suited to different lawn care needs, particularly when attachments come into play. 

In this article, we’ll break down the range of lawn mower and tractor attachments  available for the variety of Simplicity and how they’ll help you tackle your spring lawn care tasks.

Riding Mower Attachments: Mowing, Mulching & Grass Catcher Options

Simplicity offers a variety of riding mower attachments to fit most of our riding mowers, zero turn mowers and tractors. These attachments make it even easier to have a beautiful yard and tackle your spring lawn care duties. They include:

• Grass catcher attachments from 5 - 17 bushels 
• Leaf shredder and mulching kits
• Dump cart
• Headlights & arm rests 

Riding mower attachments such as a 10 cubic foot dump cart to haul plants, mulch, and tools around your yard with ease, and a variety of grass catchers like the CleanSweep Twin Catcher which holds up to 6.5 bushels in two removable, easy-to-empty bags. There’s also the option to get a 5 bushel single grass bagger attachment. 33” inch mulching blades helps reduce clippings and return them to your lawn. 

Get the full checklist of grass catcher and mulching attachments for each riding mower and zero turn mower model.

Lawn Tractor Attachments: Medium-duty Yard Work

For those requiring greater power and support from their outdoor power equipment, Simplicity offers a variety of lawn tractors, such as the Regent™, Regent EX™, and Broadmoor™, for effective mowing, top-of-the-line comfort, and the power to get your yard work done quickly and effectively. 

Lawn tractor attachments include:
• Aerators 
• Hauling options like the front-end utility bucket
• Tractor Hitch attachments
• Tire chains and weights

As spring rolls around, you may have a lot of yard care tasks you need to take care of. If you need to aerate your soil before taking care of grass seeding, an aerator attachment is available. Hauling plants and tools around your yard has never been easier with the dump cart attachment. 

The Broadmoor lawn tractor offers additional options with the available front-end utility bucket and tire chains and weights for the front and rear. No matter which Simplicity lawn tractor attachment you choose, with the added convenience of attachments, you can’t go wrong. 

Get the full checklist of multi-purpose tractor attachments.

Yard & Garden Tractor Attachments: for Serious Spring Lawn Care Needs

If you’re looking for maximum power to get through heavy-duty mowing and yard work tasks, look no further than Simplicity’s yard and garden tractors and their associated attachments.  

Aerator: Need to aerate your lawn and soil before planting? No problem, an aerator attachment is available for the Legacy XL™ and Prestige™ garden tractors and the Conquest™ yard tractor. 

Tiller Attachments: Need a tiller? 36” inch tillers are available for the Prestige and Conquest yard tractors, while a 50” shaft drive tiller is available for the Legacy XL garden tractor. 

Dozer Blades: Plus, dozer blades are available for all manner of heavy-duty yard tasks – 42” and 48” blades for the Prestige and Conquest tractors, while Legacy XL works with the 60” Hydraulic dozer blade for maximum power.

As our most powerful tractors, the Legacy XL comes with the widest array of heavy-duty tractor attachments to conquer your yard tasks with ease. In addition, to the largest dozer blades and tillers we offer, there are a variety of other tiller and ground-engaging attachments  like a back-hoe, box scraper/scarifier for preparing and leveling soil, rear grading blade, and post hole digger. 

You can get a wide array of tough jobs done with just one machine. And with the arrival of spring, there’s always a lot to take care of!

Cover All Your Spring Lawn Care With the Right Simplicity Tractor

Do the attachments you want fit on your current riding mower or tractor? If not, check out the full line of Simplicity tractors  to get yard care tasks accomplished with a single machine. The right 
Simplicity lawn mower is the ultimate yard care tool. 

If you have some serious spring lawn care to take care of, contact your Simplicity tractor dealer  to see the latest models and answer any questions you may have about which kind of tractor is best for your lawn care needs.