Halloween Yard Ideas & Outdoor Decorations

Halloween is one of the most celebrated events of the fall for young, old, and everyone in between! Many start thinking about their costume months in advance, but few put as much thought into how they’re going to have the spookiest house on the block.

Don’t let a messy yard distract from your Halloween decorations.  Here are some great Halloween yard ideas and tips to get you started.

Halloween Yard Care Cleanup

First, you have to set up your space for success. Put away any lingering summer decorations and get in the Halloween mindset. Use a Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer to clean your porch, deck and any other spaces that could use a rinse from summer pollen and mildew.

Next, it’s time to tackle leaf removal and the lawn. Use a Simplicity® leaf blower to corral any fallen leaves if you’d like to incorporate them into your Halloween yard decor. Leaves can be a great classic addition to any outdoor yard decor, and your leaf blower can complete the task in minutes! If you’d like to clean leaves up completely, try a Simplicity leaf vacuum to clear out your yard for a blank backyard canvas to set the scene for your Halloween yard decor.

Love lawn striping? If so, you can incorporate lawn stripes into your Halloween outdoor decorations. Try a Jack-o-lantern, skull or bullseye grass pattern with a scary centerpiece! Otherwise, just dust off your Simplicity® riding mower to get in a good mow to ensure your yard is tidy for trick and treaters or party guests.

Themes & Schemes: Halloween Yard Ideas

What kind of Halloween look are you going for? A family-friendly haunted house? A terrifying horoscope not for the faint-of-heart? Or just simple, classic Halloween decorations specific to the season – including jack-o’-lanterns and perhaps some tasteful cob-webbing? Deciding on a theme for your outdoor yard décor is the first step to making Halloween magic.

Based on your theme, decide on the specific decorations you’ll need to populate your Halloween scene. You can wow your neighbors with an immaculate yard featuring elegant handmade black paper bats, a door wreath made of wriggling black snakes, ghosts made from cheesecloth, and hand-carved pumpkins, a staple of the season. Find crafty Halloween yard ideas and instructions from MarthaStewart.com for more traditional, classic themes.

If you’re crunched for time or just don’t feel like dealing with all those craft supplies, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of your clean outdoor space and still decorate like a pro.

More Tips for Halloween Yard Decorations!

Try out some of these tips to get your Halloween yard ideas flowing:

  • Replace your garage or porch light with a black bulb to create spooky effects. What’s spookier than glowing teeth and eyeballs?
  • Transform your freshly cleaned yard into a graveyard. Using foam core, you can easily create gravestones with clever names. Add to the spooky vibe with skeletons, zombies, and as many cobwebs as you want. Get creative – use your favorite spooky movies as inspiration!
  • Set up a fog machine or a bowl of dry ice to create mysterious fog to hang around your porch or lawn.
  • Update the usual ghost decorations. Shape chicken wire into ghostly forms, like disembodied ball gowns or just more human-looking figures. Then, try covering it with cheesecloth, tattered clothes or glow-in-the-dark spray paint to create mysterious figures for the front yard.

Hope these Halloween yard ideas come in handy as you clean up your yard for fall. Get ready to wow your neighbors with your creepy crawly creativity!