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Simplicity All-Stars: Lawn Striping Photos

September 4, 2013

From May 1 to June 30, 2013, Simplicity fans showcased their lawn striping skills in a contest to win a new Simplicity lawn tractor. With the help of David Mellor, professional groundskeeper at a big league ballpark and author of The Lawn Bible: How to Keep it Green, Groomed, and Growing Every Season of the Year, lawn care experts combed through the entries. Simplicity and partner Briggs & Stratton selected Matt Perotti of Canaan, Connecticut for the prize-winning landscape design with his impressive diamond lawn stripes.

Best Lawn Striping Contest Winner - Diamond Lawn Stripes

“I chose the winning pattern because it was an advanced diamond design that had an almost 3-D look to it,” Mellor said. “Matt’s design showcased alternating double-wide and single-wide stripes and his attention to detail in the diamond pattern was evident. Congratulations to Matt on his top-notch design.”

Perotti received a new 2013 Simplicity Broadmoor lawn tractor from Crane & Sons Outdoor Power Equipment, a proud Simplicity mower dealer also in Canaan. The tractor offers 27 gross horsepower with a 52-inch fabricated mower deck.

Video: Striping a Lawn

Want to learn how to stripe your lawn like Matt? Check out this great lawn striping video from Simplicity!

Lawn Striping Pictures from Earn Your Stripes Finalists

Congratulations to all of the Earn Your Stripes finalists! Look beyond the break for more beautiful landscape photography and lawn striping pictures from Simplicity tractor owners.

Simplicity Tractor & Wave Mowing Pattern

Love the look of Brian Griese’s wooded property? We do too! To get a similar lawn stripe pattern in your yard, check out our video How to Stripe by Simplicity: Wave.

Simplicity Lawn Tractor and Lawn Stripes 

Craig Henry’s lawn striping really pops! Get a similar effect with a striping Simplicity lawn tractor.

Lawn Striping from Simplicity Mowers Contest Finalist

John Ball has the best looking yard on the block with his bold stripes. Interested in creating jaw dropping patterns in your grass? Read lawn care tips from Simplicity in Lawn Striping: How to Mow Ballpark Grass Patterns in Your Yard.

Striping a Lawn with Simplicity Tractors

Matt Piatt combines patterns to create a beautiful and complex landscape design.

Best Lawn Stripes: Finalist for the Simplicity Striping Contest

Matt Pursley works with the unique topography of his lawn to create stripes that enhance the landscape. Learn to stripe a lawn like Matt with Lawn Striping Tips by Simplicity.

Simplicity Lawn Striping with Lawn Tractor

Michael Ignarski easily maneuvers around his yard’s beautiful landscape features with a versatile, durable, and easy-to-use Simplicity lawn tractor.

Striping Mower and Diamond Lawn Striping

Rick Casini showcases a fantastic diamond pattern in his yard. Want to create beautiful diamond lawn stripes? Watch How to Stripe by Simplicity: Diamond.

Large Lawn with Grass Patterns and Simplicity Tractor

Finalist Tom Hendershot boasts some serious landscape photography skills in our Earn Your Stripes competition.

Checkerboard Lawn Stripes

Troy Weihert’s yard features a great example of checkerboard lawn stripes

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