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Lawn Striping How To: The Arch Pattern

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Posted April 23, 2014 in Lawn Striping Videos

Learn how to stripe a lawn and really steal the spotlight in your neighborhood with lawn striping techniques like the arch pattern! Lawn tractors from Simplicity use patented mower technology like the Free Floating ™ Mower Deck. This deck combines a full width lawn striping roller and pivoting axle to work independently from the frame and create the closest, highest quality cut.

Many wonder how to mow your lawn in patterns, especially a difficult grass design, like the arch. The best advice is to remember that a striped lawn is as easy as mowing the lawn! Each pass in alternating directions bends the grass blades to reflect the shining sun in light and dark grass patterns.  Just remember to mow in a straight line, making smooth transitions and turns, as you create your lawn striping design.

To test out new and different lawn striping patterns check out the bulls eye design, the wave or talk to a Simplicity Dealer in your area today!