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Lawn Striping Techniques: The Bullseye

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Posted April 23, 2014 in

Learning how to stripe a lawn is easier than it looks and will make once difficult yard work more fun!

Simplicity Lawn Tractors utilize the Free Floating™ Mower Deck and pivoting axle acting independently of the frame. This mechanism, supported by a full-width lawn striping roller, has the ability to help you mow your way to the most creative and beautiful yard in your neighborhood.

Lawn striping patterns like the bullseye are simply a series of circles mowed in opposite directions, flattening the grass blades along the way. As you cut the grass from the inside out, a bullseye pattern will appear in the lawn as each blade is reflected off of the summer sun!

The Bullseye is just one of the many lawn stripes to feature in your yard this season, check out the wave grass design or even the arch! For other lawn mowing tips and techniques, talk to a Simplicity Dealer in your area today!